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Plant Spirit: Rose Water


Rose Water


Mist on yourself and in surrounding aura to bring balance to your thoughts, induce a good night's sleep, and to calm the heart. Topically rose water is hydrating and calming for irritated skin.

Recommended Use:

  • After being in humid or dry environments
  • On areas of the skin that are inflamed and/or irritated
  • Classrooms, offices, around the house, or like spaces to promote an uplifting atmosphere

Active Ingredients:

  • Rose (Rosa)
  • Leucidal Liquid SF MAX (Natural Preservative)

What is Leucidal Liquid SF MAX? Naturally derived preservative composed of peptides from fermented radishes. It is approved for use as an ingredient in ECOCert Certified Organic Products. It has been added to this product to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi.