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Retreat Opportunity

When presented with the opportunity to produce product for a retreat in Spain, an energy unearthed that I digested as a purpose. I was not going to Spain, but my spirit was. The connection and gratitude I felt to the products that were birthed and the souls that were to receive the natural nourishment was special. 

The energy exchanged through this experience was unique and beautiful. This experience is now available for all retreats and retreat centers.

The Offering: 

A product that is birthed from a meditative process. Considers: the various elements of experience, the overall aura of the space, and the unique components offered during a specific retreat or at a retreat center. 

The unique product will be branded as Sexy Ass and respective retreat/center, will not enter Sexy Ass’ product line or be sold anywhere other than the respective retreat. 

*For more information on this opportunity, please contact Sexy Ass Beauty via website contact form.

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