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Benefits of Routine Skincare

Benefits of Routine Skincare

Skin speaks- communicating our interior imbalances while absorbing our exterior environment. Skin is your largest organ and works extremely hard to protect all that is found underneath. The act of taking care of your skin, noting the various changes, and pursuing measurements to address what is happening externally through observing your environment, including your internal biome, is an important aspect of living a nourishing life. 

Upholding a routine when it comes to skincare promotes positive benefits in the short run and long run. Let’s talk about a few of these. 

Regenerating New & Healthy Skin Cells

Every minute of every day we lose ~35,000 dead skin cells off the surface of our skin. Some of these get trapped in crevasses, fine lines, etc. If the dead skin cells sit for long enough, they can actually deepen these lines. Maintaining a daily routine of exfoliating and cleansing ensures that all dead skin cells are completely removed from the surface, allowing for new and healthy skin cells to radiate. 


Skin that is not well hydrated is less resilient which causes small gaps in the epidermis, the outer layer of skin, making the barrier less efficient at protecting you from harmful environmental stressors. As we age, our skin naturally loses collagen which affects the skin's ability to obtain moisture. Having a daily skincare routine which includes a toner and moisturizer can aid in the maintenance of hydrated skin. 

Mental Health

Yes, having a skincare routine improves your mental health. Routines, in general, are critical for overall health. Researchers have found that those that have less consistent routines, are more likely to suffer from depression, mood imbalances, loneliness, and overall unhappiness (The Lancet Psychiatry). Opportunity is found in the 3-5 minutes of your skincare routine; you can practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is the practice of the present moment- the temperature of the water, the touch of your fingers, the scent that is lingering, etc. Mindfulness allows us to remove ourselves from spiraling thoughts and inner conversations. This is especially helpful to do at night, as it promotes better sleep. Caring for your skin is an act of self love and kindness which sends a powerful mental message. 

There are many more benefits to having a skincare routine. If you do not have one already, start one and take note of the changes! 

Stay Naturally Nourished, Sexy Ass xx

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