Sexy Ass Beauty Company

Naturally Nourished Aura- Ylang Ylang/Amethyst Spray

Skin speaks- communicating our interior imbalances while absorbing our exterior environment. Instead of observing, we suffocate to silence the inevitable- that something is off.

What if we chose to listen?

Sexy Ass is an invitation to experience the force of vulnerability. It is choosing the path of connection between nature, ones’ aura, and oneself. Surpassing beauty, let’s live a Sexy Ass lifestyle of natural nourishment.


Designed to activate spiritual awareness, open intuition, enhance psychic abilities, alleviate anxiety, and promote balance within your mood. 

Each bottle contains the components of a hydrosol distillation of Ylang Ylang, as well as pieces of the crystal Amethyst. 

Ylang Ylang- foraged naturally in Jaco, Costa Rica.

Amethyst- foraged naturally in Orotina, Costa Rica.

To use: spray within your aura, topically on your skin, mist onto furniture, yoga mats, within a classroom, etc. 

Packaged in 4 oz Amber Glass Spray Bottles